StageWood Franchises

StageWood Franchises are reshaping the way entertainment is experienced. Join us in expanding the largest talent network ever imagined to promote artist growth and incredible memories for fans.

StageWood Facilities

Franchised and corporate-owned locations will host theaters, music stages, culinary art showcases, visual arts, ballroom events, and more. B y building locations in metropolitan cities across the country – and eventually the world – StageWood will change the way entertainment is experienced.


Talent Development

Each StageWood location will serve as an incubator for rising local artists by building a community of dedicated art supporters. In accordance to our mobile app Tyket, artists will network with producers and fans to increase opportunities for paid performances and maximize the potential to succeed in a career within the entertainment industry.

StageWood Bar

The central attraction of the main area will include a bar with large flat screens that will display information about featured StageWood presentations and events, nationally broadcasted sports events, or other news-worthy occurrences. The bar will feature a rotation of specialized bartenders who will showcase their mixology skills and dazzle patrons with their own talents.


The dining court will contain eight different kitchens for a diverse selection of cuisines. All kitchens are viewable from the main areas through sleek glass panels, so that the food preparation process will serve as an art showcase in addition to the final dish itself. 

StageWood Lounges

Sit down and relax at one of our many Stagewood lounges. Watch all the entertainment events in a VIP atmosphere. The dining room and lounges will be removable, to make room for the retractable theater.


Our MicroTheaters will run plays that have been selected by a network of contributors who review electronic submissions for scripts. All submissions will be ranked according to a grading rubric to ensure high quality productions across all StageWood locations. Playwrights will be paid directly to their personal eWallets, integrating a Smart Contract that automatically transfers a commission of each ticket sold for their plays – regardless of venue location.

Performance Stages

State-of-the-art performance stages are designed to host a wide variety of performance arts to fulfill every patron’s entertainment needs. All stages are built and managed by the StageWood Corporation.

StageWood Concerts

Retractable theater seating will be used to convert the entire main area into a performance venue that accommodates music concerts, theater plays, and other events for 1,000+ patrons. All StageWood locations will schedule tours by prominent artists and rising local talent to ensure year-long attendance.

Private Ballrooms

Private ballrooms will be located on the second floor of all StageWood locations to accommodate private events. Event planners can coordinate  catering and drink services. Ballroom attendants can also enjoy entertainment featured in the main area of their StageWood location.

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