StageWood Corporation

StageWood Corporation oversees the development of all StageWood locations, both corporate and franchised facilities. Each venue will include theaters, music stages, culinary art showcases, visual arts, ballrooms, and more.

Our Services

Stage Construction

Full construction of StageWoods Venues.

Franchise Operations

Each facility will operate as an independent enterprise, either fully owned by the StageWood Coportation or as a franchisee of the corporation.

Multiple Locations

A network of StageWood locations will be built in major metropolitan areas around the world.

Consistent Venue Managment

Each StageWood location will schedule a series of concerts and events as part of the operations.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

Working exclusively with our mobile app, Tyket, these sites will provide year-round, continuous job opportunities for artists and promote the development of rising stars in all expressions of art including, but not limited to, music, theater, visual, and culinary arts.

All StageWood locations will share a cohesive and uniform aesthetic identified by its layout. Initially, the interior design will follow the general recommendation from our architectural blueprints. However, after building the first StageWood location, the layout of the subsequent facilities may change.


The interior of our StageWood locations will be modular to accommodate retractable theater seating that will be hidden within the walls of the common area surrounding the stage. This allows tables and lounge sofas to be removed with ease, so that the common area can be converted into a large theater to accommodate 1,000+ patrons for concerts and shows. To ensure year-round attendance, all StageWood locations will schedule concerts and shows by prominent artists and rising local talent.

The first StageWood location is projected to be headquartered in Miami, Florida. This culturally diverse and vibrant city has grown to be a global mecca for the arts scene. With popular artists residing in the flavorful 305, Miami is the perfect fit for StageWood.

Latest Projects

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